Preventing Child Obesity


Preventing Child Obesity
Obesity is on the rise and childhood obesity is all the more! Lately, the number has doubled when it comes to children which is a major cause of concern leading to unanswered questions whether we are raising a healthy generation. The reasons for these conditions are numerous which considers unhealthy eating habits and genetic heredity as the fundamentals. Curbing this disease which is troubling the human race seems like more of a hurdle.
We heard of the phrase numerous times that prevention is better than cure. Balance is the fundamental element maintaining healthy weight. If the intake of calories is not checked on every time your child takes in food or indulges in his/her fantasy food, that’s where the problem arises. Here are some ways to prevent obesity and keep your child always on check:

Healthy eating habits:

Boost your child to inculcate healthy eating habits. Going in for whole grain products, vegetables and fruits, including fish and lean meats for meals, serving reasonably sized meal portions every time, limiting the intake of sugar and sweetened drinks and having lots of water will help your child to take small steps to a successful healthy life.

Avoiding calorie-rich sweet-treats:

Rather than going in for these attractive sweet meats available in the stores, replacing them with healthy foods most of the time will help. This doesn’t mean that they cannot have those sweet treats once a while, it is to inculcate healthy eating habits like including fruits like apples, bananas, grapes and more which are naturally sweet and makes one full at the same time.

Encouraging Physical activity:

The benefits of involving in physical activity are always many. It helps in reducing anxiety and stress in children, strengthens the bones, decreases the blood pressure, boosts the self-esteem and helps in weight management all the more. To allow your child to reap thee benefits, allow them to go out on a brisk walk, playing games like soccer, cricket, swimming, dancing and more. They should involve less in sedentary activities like playing video games, watching television limitlessly and other sedentary activities.
All these lifestyle changes should be accompanied by proper treatment for the same which will fuel your child’s good health. This will surely give you a sigh of relief when you gift your child a healthy and normal childhood.